Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas - Random Pictures

This Christmas certainly didn't turn out like I expected. It's been over a week now since things have been normal around here. The snow went from sort of fun, to almost crazy. It's Christmas morning and Bob is hobbling around on a sprained ankle (from falling on the ice) making his first attempt at tamales.

The weather really started getting bad on our anniversary, the 18th of December. It snowed hard and the roads were terrible. We had planned on going out to dinner because we have a 4 wheel drive truck that does well in the snow. Unfortunately, we can't say the same for others and once we gave up on a sit down restaurant, we found all of the fast food restaurants were closed too. We finally found KFC open and we brought that home for dinner. We ate while watching Wheel of Fortune. How romantic!

With all the snow what are boys going to do except play Halo? Jacki and Heather went out to do some Christmas shopping while I stayed home to work. Connor and Corey stayed at our house and Connor played with the guys. Terence was on line talking through the TV from his own house. While they were doing this, Corey only made it out of the doggy door and onto the deck twice to eat snow. Funny, the guys didn't take any pictures of that.

Yesterday Jason and I went to Bellevue Square to do some last minute shopping. When we got to the parking lot we noticed a whole lot of snow in the back of the truck. We built a snowman and dug through my purse for accessories. Our snowman stood guard while we were shopping.

Jason and Brooks have this crazy game called Pocket Shock it. It's kind of like a Russian Roulette game where the loser gets an electric shock through their hands. They are out of their minds if you ask me.

A kinder / gentler Connor hugging his GG bear, one of his favorite toys and a gift from his Great Grandma (hence the name GG).

With the snow on the roads, the big family Christmas Eve celebration turned into more of a birthday for Bob. The kids hung streamers and balloons and everyone wore a funny hat. No worries, we had a fire extinguisher handy when we lit the candles on the cake.

With all of the toys in the house, Corror opted for being pushed around in a crate by his Uncle Brooks. I love the picture of Brooks with his thug hat and the little pointy birthday hat on top of it.

Corey is waiting for his turn.

And Jacki is just Jacki...need I say more? And without a single drop of alcohol

So that brings us to now. It's about 10:00 am on Christmas morning and the snow just keeps falling down. Notice the sodas in the flower pot on the deck? Nice! There is about a foot of snow on the ground and we definitely have our White Christmas.