Thursday, September 25, 2008

Rolling Out the Red Car-Pet(s) for Heather's Birthday!!

Get it? Red Car? Pet? Anyway, Happy 22nd birthday to Heather!!

This picture of Heather and Brooks was taken in 2001, right after Heather turned 15 (way too young)

And the same goofy expression 7 years later, now happily married and with plenty of good reasons to smile.

Just say no to dark hair...Jenny, you too!

Just one of many pictures I have found of the kids doing stupid things. Where were we???

Heather loves Formula 1 racing and so does her Dad. Maybe a little too much!

Happy Birthday Heather, we love you! Thanks for keeping our lives EXCITING!!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Saturday, In the Park

For once, we had a Saturday activity with family just 2 blocks from our house. Today the weather was gorgeous and Judy, Linda, Laura, Adam and Tyler come to Redmond along with Jacki, Connor and Corey. We decided to have a simple picnic at Anderson park. Since I only had to go 2 blocks to get home, I can be the first to post some of my pictures on a blog.

Corey had fun crawling around in the grass. That boy is always smiling! I couldn't decide which of those pictures to use so what the heck, I'll use them both.

Judy took her shift bouncing Connor and Adam on the teeter totter. We couldn't keep the boys off of his one. they had a great time.

It was nice having Laura along to keep the boys laughing and having fun.

That's a little close to the camera Corey.

I can't wait to see the pictures Laura took which I'm sure will be posted on the Walsh blog.

Connor didn't want the day to end, but Grandma's Diet Pepsi at least distracted him long enough to get him off of the playground.