Sunday, January 31, 2010

Happy 30th Birthday Jared

Its hard to believe that today is Jared's 30th birthday. Unfortunately I don't have a lot of my old family pictures scanned so when I went to look for pictures of Jared, I checked 2 of my picture folders. Vacation and working on the car.
Jared and Emily have joined us for some fun vacations. In this picture we were zip-lining near Coba in Mexico. We jumped from a high cliff and your eyes are not deceiving you, the landing pad was a rickety wooden platform with no railing that ended by slamming into a moldy matress. Even though Bob, Emily and I were all anxious to jump and zip, Jared opted to be the photographer and help us as we got to the end of the ride. He was generous (or chicken) enough to allow our driver to use his turn.

Some things about Jared:

If there is work to be done, or if someone needs help, you will always find Jared there.

Jared is Bob Jr. which is probably why I love him so much. He has inherited Bob's talent to fix things. It is not unusual to find Jared spending his Saturday with his Dad working on someone else's car.
He likes the same things as Bob, has some of the same mannerisms, loves family but is not a huge fan of big gatherings or crowds but will be happy to drive 100 miles and give up his weekend if you need his help.
Jared was lucky to have survived the first 5 years of his life (he was a tough 3-5 year old) but I'm glad I decided to keep him around. He was a tough toddler but a great teenager and even better adult.
Jared is a wonderful uncle and his nieces and nephews love him. He is going to be a father himself this spring and I'm sure his son will be blessed to have him as his Dad.
Happy Birthday Jared, we love you!!

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Unknown said...

happy milestone birthday Jared!! Seems like not so long ago you were just a little tot.